Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversion Varnish?

Conversion Varnish is a versatile commercial finish used by the finest wood crafters to give a super-hard and durable finish to fine furniture and cabinets.  Conversion Varnish is not available in home stores for non-commercial use.

How long does Interior Cosmetics cabinet refinishing take?

Most kitchens take 1-2 weeks.  This includes removing doors and drawers from your kitchen, refinishing them in our shop, applying the same finish to your cabinet cases, and re-installing doors and drawers.

Why does Interior Cosmetics only take one job at a time?

Dave is a craftsman, and wants to give your kitchen the attention it deserves.  Instead of hiring laborers with inconsistent skills, he finds better customer satisfaction by giving his personal attention to every job.

Why does the finish on my cabinets look yellow and dull?

Many cabinets built in the 80’s and 90’s had a lacquer finish that did not hold up well over time.  Conversion Varnish is a superior finish that will last a lifetime without yellowing or dulling.  Only normal cleaning and care are needed to keep the finish beautiful for decades to come.